Wednesday, July 23, 2014

** 7/23/14 **

In a glass case of emotion?

I never remember what to say after I read everyone's emails. 
Last pday we went to the top of the duomo in Milano. It was incredible. Super hot, you walk up a hidden looking staircase to get to the top. But man it was so beautiful. I love italy. 
And I finally got the dream movie I have been wanting! La vita è bella. Meno male.

Sorella McCann and I had a strange combined interview ish from President yesterday at district meeting. His dying advice to us was pretty much to not talk about going home. Sorella McCann said her dad always says, "Go out like a thief in the night." Which is super solid advice. I haven't talked about home as much as these past couple weeks. Man the struggle. 

So in Lodi there is a giant quote wall of post it notes. If you were ever my companion, you know that is right up my alley. Unfortunately all the stupid crap I am starting to say is going up there haha. Sorella Carter numba 2 is super rad. She always fights off the mosquitos from me when I lock up the bikes. That is true love. 

The members of Lodi are gems. They are some of the best missionaries ever. They do their own strada and parco finding! They are real examples of being member missionaries. We had a lesson last night with the new convert Alessandro. I always feel the spirit. He is so wise. After I said the closing prayer he said, "What a beautiful prayer, it's true they send the best to Lodi." Then I got all bashful but it was really sweet of him. We also watched some mormon messages with Fiona, another new convert. The bible video of the Savior in the Garden of Getsemani...idk how to spell it in english. But it is so powerful and my favorite. 

I had a realization that I don't have just one testimony. I have specific testimonies on different doctrinal points of the gospel. And our stories and testimonies are meant to be shared to strengthen others. Even when we think we aren't helping anyone or saying anything of value. We usually are. 

Recently I have just been reading talks after talks after talks. Man the leaders of the church know what's up! So often we let these little treasures slip by, we don't utilize all of the things Heavenly Father has given us. So I guess for the cheesy missionary council of the week...Read the Ensign/Liahona people! And constantly repent and pray for other's welfare. 

I am grateful for the last lessons of the mission the Lord is sending my way. 

I am excited to see you, but at the same time I'm not haha. :) 


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