Wednesday, July 2, 2014

* 7/2/14 *

Do the Dibb!
Shout out to one of the best district meetings ever. Picture this. Me, Lefler, Clawson, Mata'u and Gneiting. Reppin the old Verona zone back in the first days. Now we are old hags. I am so happy to be with all of them.
So idk if I mentioned, Lefler and Gneiting are in the same branch and Slla Clawson is my new STL! Scambio round 2? yes. 
And I love my companions. They are so dope. Sorella Carter served in Bergamo with Woods and was Walch's MTC comp. Slla Yost is Lopez's baby. These poor souls have heard a lot about it before hand and seen some videos and photos...uh oh. haha. 

Ravenna is really pretty. Very old with it's own leaning tower. It looks like Notre Dame. We are riding our bikes in the nice breeze through old Italian buildings. Can't complain. And this city is famous for Mosaics. They are randomly all over. 
The members here are AWESOME. I hit them all up Sunday after church and we have so many member visits planned! 
I had ONE OF THE BEST ITALIAN MEALS of my life yesterday! We did homemade pasta, bolognese, my fav with some homemade bread, chicken and peas with like bacon in it. Man. And we weren't force fed any portions. It was perfect. 
Also on Sunday we taught a really dope lesson for the combined 5th sunday with the anziani. It was cool because we used 2 videos that I used all the time in Mestre. It's neat when I used up all my ideas I guess I just bring them to a new city and create more ideas. 
A member kept asking what city I served it like. oh Mestre and before that? and before that? and before that? How many cities are there?! hahaha. 
I am really happy to go hard this last transfer. I am really praying we see a baptism together. Seems like a long shot, I will be happy even if we don't, but let's be honest, it would be nice!
Thanks to all for the letters! Much love!
Sorella Gillette
p.s. I guess my homecomings talks will be aug 10 st george and aug 24 vegas. weirrrddddd. 

Oh and maybe we went to the mare today. 45 bike ride in the countryside with some corn, hay and sunflower fields on the way. AWESOME. I am a missionary in Italy. Cool. 

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