Wednesday, July 9, 2014

** 7/9/14 **

Just when you thought it was over...

Can anyone say SPACE TRANSFER? Everyone made jokes that if anyone was randomly transfered it would be me haha. 
Well, my 2 weeks of glory in Ravenna were amazing. I was actually able to give my dying testimony (testimony on the mission you served at your last zone meeting) in Rimini with some of my cari amici. 

Giving my dying testimony was terrible, but it was so cool to be there with Sorella Clawson giving hers as well. She made me cry haha. 
It is so hard to put into words what the mission has meant to me. I talked way too much and spazzed out alot. It was nerve racking. I do remember mentioning as parts of advice to wear stretchy pants, eat gelato and use hashtags. haha gosh sorry everyone! 

Well unfortunately a sorella had to go home for medical purposes. Saturday afternoon I get a call from President, which is usually not a good thing haha. He asked me how I liked being in the trio, I said I loved it. He said, "Good, I am glad you've enjoyed your 10 days there." I said, "Oh no." He said, "Oh yes. You be gettin spaced!"
Okay maybe that last part isn't exactly verbatim. 

But anywho. I got to say goodbye to everyone on Sunday which was great. and I still got to go to the zone training on Monday. I got to see Rimini for a half second and it is beautiful! Yesterday me and my compies traveled to a random Milano station to get picked up by the Harmer couple with my new compie, Sorella Carter. Yupp round 2! 2 Carters. and now I am in Lodi! A very small town outside of Milano. The assistants are in the ward and my new sister training leaders are McCann and Condie! 

Silver linings people. I think being able to go to Ravenna was such a tender mercy. The hardest part is loving people so much so quickly and having to leave and horcrux my heart elsewhere.

So now (I think) I will end here in my 7th city, with my 15th companion. Pretty sure that is record breaking for even Anziani. But on the phone Pres said he will have me tour the mission haha. 

I am really excited to be here and see why I was needed here. I am really excited about the people. Let's hope I can leave my mark! 

Thanks for all of your love. You are GEMS.

Sempre con gratitudine, 
Sorella Gillette

P.S. I forgot a really cool 4th of July story! We go to our branch mission leader's house for lunch and he is rockin a huge American flag in the yard. He said he put it up just for us! Then before leaving I asked how he knew it was our national holiday...he was like, "What are you talking about? What holiday?" hahaha. 

These next pics were sent to me from Sorella Carter -

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