Thursday, May 23, 2013

** Email from 5/22/13 **

Well, I just read my mom's email and cried a little bit. What the heck. I haven't really cried on the mish since the MTC, ya'll know I am too tough for that haha. Pero, the other day after a lesson with one of our investigators I cried. I was choking back tears like an idiot. I really just felt the spirit in the lesson and I love him so much! He is a sweet little 40ish year old man who loves his two little boys, I just feel like he is an extra uncle or something. He is so close to accepting things and it's so hard because I know how much this will change his life and his little babies for forever. 
I really just have such a strong love for the people we teach. Speaking of which, Ylenia is getting BAPTIZED this saturday!!! She had her interview last week and we had her try on her dunkin gown. We taught her about temples the other day and she was like, "I want to get married in the temple." and she made a goal to pray more often, her prayers have gotten so amazing. I got teary eyed in her prayer, she just said how she was grateful for us and I could really feel how sincere she was. I love her soo much.
We have already made plans, she is coming to visit me when I am off the mish, she just needs a job to start saving up money haha. I already told her what temples and beaches I can take her to haha.

Everyone is so excited for June 15th! (side note that is ylenia's bday) But I was able to tell my missionary buddies here, even Sorella Bunker and Mcnamara, they yelled on the phone with joy haha. And everyone who has been writing me from home. THE CHURCH IS TRUE DANG NABIT. And I am sooo blessed to see such an amazing miracle in my family so early on in my mission. MY MOMMA IS GETTING DUNKED! I am still in shock. This is all too good to be true!  freak if only ya'll could see how happy i am! 

Shout out to one of my favorite missionaries in Milano, my best friend! Slla Lopez! She did a shout out for this amazing news, and man I just love her. I was actually picturing us serving together in the future today ironically....idk if that would be a good thing or bad thing haha. We might have too much fun but man we would be doin work! 

I am so happy to be here, I cant imagine not being in this mission right now. I kind of have a feeling I will get transfered to a new city next transfer, who knows what will happen. But I am happy the Lord has put me here with these amazing people, in a tough city teaching hard lessons, getting bedoni (stood up) all the time, cause this is where I am growing. 

I am going to have some rad photos next email! We are going on a hike today in the greeny mountains with the other sorelle and our 3rd companion haha. The bishops kid who just got home from his mission always goes with us to lessons so we call him our third comp, we even made him a ghetto fab name tag haha. AND YLENIA'S BAPTISM. We are doing a musical number and I am saying the closing prayer. I am still in shock about this baptism too. 

I know with a surety that this is the only church on the earth that is christ's church. He restored this gospel for us, how lucky are we to be here during this time? CHRIST is real. He knows every single thing we are going through because he went through it before for us. We are never alone, and he works through people. 

My cheesy invite for you all is to look for the small miracles every single day. That will help you realized how blessed you really are. 

Sorella Gillette

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