Wednesday, May 15, 2013

*** Kassi's email 5/15/13 ***

Ciaoooo! I have noticed every missionary starts their letter with Ciao Tutti, so Im going to stop haha.
Aight so, I am super happy to say the baptism for Ylenia is next sat. 2 days ago we taught Ylenia the word of wisdom and chastity, bro it went so well she is a champ! She was like, No tea? Okay Ill just drink juice instead. I was like uhhhhh....YES. haha. AND. One of the first lessons I taught was in English to a lady from Nigeria, who was amazzzzinnggg and tots excepted everything we said, but then dropped us like it was hot. Through getting lost in Torre Boldone a week ago, we ran into her, long story short she was super happy and wanted us to visit her, we had several run ins with her before our lesson, our lesson Yesterday was LEGIT.
We brought Mikail, the vescovo's kid, with us and it went super well. She was saying things that I said in lessons with other people, it went so well I didnt even know what to teach! Not to mention it was in English. But dude I loveee her. She has the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard. The first thing she said in her prayer was that we were thankful for Joseph Smith....COSA! HECKS YES. So keeping my fingers crossed for her. We had a really good lesson last night with our other investigator, he talks alot but it was the most we were able to talk and kept everything on point.
Ive been telling everyone my Amazing news and it has been a great help in lessons, a rad example for people. MY MOM IS GETTING BAPTIZED JUNE 15TH!!!! Frankly, I am still in shock. My mom is the Golden investigator we all wish we had.
So I told our investigator this and he was like wow GIVE ME FIVE! haha i love when italians say that. so I had a thought during our lesson to invite him to baptism on that day. He def thought about it, he didnt accept the date HOWEVER. we finally got to the bottom of what his issue is, during his prayer he said he was thankful for talking with the Jdubs that day and the mormon sisters....Slla Hanson and I popped our eyes open and looked at each other during the prayer. He is studying with Jdubs too!
With Sonia and Ylenia, I told them the same news and they were super happy for me as well. Also, June 15th is Ylenia's bday! I totally forgot that in fatti.
We had another zone training in Verona, I love seeing my besties from the MTC! And I am so glad to hear how everyone else is doing, I think about you all often! And I am so excited to hear about all the wonderful news back home with babies, mission calls, engagements! Ah. SONO FELICE!!
Im starting to get a little cheesy, I felt the spirit pretty solid Yesterday in my two lessons. I am starting to notice what is considered a prompting. The most depressing thing about the mission is when I feel like I am trying my best and they are soooo close but something (cough Satan cough) holds them back!
I am so excited to send you a photo of Ylenia's baptism! A member in my ward said how my mom will be my first baptism on my mission. But really she is my second haha.
EVERYONE SUPPORT THE HECK OUT OF HER. PLEASE. andddddd get dad to go to Church, in a totally not pushy way haha. ya'll thought i was pushy before, the mish is def making it worse lol.
Lasciamo questo messagio con un piccolo testimonianza. Questa chiesa è l'unica chiesa sulla terra con il potere di Dio. Questo è la Sua chiesa. Se noi vogliamo vivere per sempre insieme, noi possiamo solo tramite questo vangelo. Gesù Cristo è il nostro salvatore, Lui ha fatto miracoli per noi. Che grande! Noi dovremmo pensare riguardo l'espiazione ogni giorno. Sono molto grata per voi!
Buona serata!

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