Wednesday, May 1, 2013


**Missionary emails seem to start to sound a little strange with the words they use. One of them actually said they are getting the languages jumbled in their brain. Plus their own language..LOL
So I hope everyone can understand Kassi's emails.  :)  

So so much to do today! updates include the fact that we still have 2 baptism dates, they came with us sunday to stake conference in verona! it was super rad cause it was the moms bday too! the next day we had a lesson with them and we made her cookies and i made a ghettofab card for her too. she loved it. her daughter actively goes to english class too. love love love. i had my first lesson where we dropped an investigator. she is such a nice lady and i love her, but she wasnt progressing or being open to anything. it became like a bible bash. i knew in the lesson that i didnt want to come back and it wasnt right, i just didnt know how to do it, luckily slla bunker said something that was perfect and all 3 of us were feeling that way. 
we actually just had another lesson with a cool dude from pakistan for the second time. its roughly similar in regards to a bible bash. the best part is that we answer peoples questions with scriptures, they just dont want to listen and will keep asking the same questions or bringing up the same points, so we run in circles.
oh well, it takes several contacts with the church and active study and prayer to come to know for yourself that this is true. that is why we are here. not to convince anyone or make them accept our message, thats why faith requires ACTION. I have really felt the moments when the spirit is burning in me during a lesson. sometimes my hands shake while i am talking haha. not out of fear, idk its weird lol. i just get so pumped with andrenaline sometimes. we had a lesson with a really sweet lady that we met 3 times in 1 day, idk if i told you about her but i told her it was a sign and we had to meet with her. so we met with her and her hubby, when i was bearing my testimony i felt that same kind of thing. and the husband was like correcting me saying i dont know i just believe. and i was like NO. IO SO. and it was super rad, bunker told me after she thought it was the spirit haha. 
So onto the bittersweet news. BUNKER IS LEAVING ME! since they have 17 new sorelle coming in, theres literally not enough ppl to train them and to finish training my group. us 4 sorelle kept trying to make guesses but man were we so wrong. bunker said prez once said if it doesnt seem logical, thats how you know its the lord. haha
So she and slla mcnamara have been called to be comps together in milano, they are going to be travelling sisters! they are in charge of doing scambi with 3 zones, and then 4 other older, top notch sorelle are also going to be travelling sisters over the other zones. crazy! first time ever. so now we really dont know who is training all the newbs haha. my new comp will be Slla Hanson, ive met her twice and she seems really nice. 
its sad i only had my trainer for one transfer. we really didnt think she was leaving since she opened. but its all gravy. im getting back up trained woot woot. 
We are doing really good at getting more lessons, we have quite a bit of steady investigators, I am excited to see all of these people get dunked! 
Literally I picture them all in different circumstances after accepting the gospel, per esempio, one getting sealed in the temple with their family, another during the baptismal service, another holding a calling, another bearing their testimony fast sunday. 
Its rad once you start thinking of ppl that way.

2nd EMAIL-

so i toats accidently clicked that send button. cavollo. random fact of italian language... their "dang it" is cabbage haha. or "pig misery." hahaha Comunque, vi voglio tanto bene! oh also, we literally hiked down a mountain for an hour from the city of selvino to the center of albino, ya google that business haha. there wasnt a funivia, idk whats its called in english but its like a ski lift car thing that takes you up the mountain, so we ended up hiking down in our skirts haha. so rough. but we visited the sweetest less active member and it was worth it. i always tell bunker that i just want to put them in my pocket, thats me referring to cute old ladies. theres 3 of them now. haha 
love you ciaoooo. we are running to the tram now byeeeee.
yes this is my life. 

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