Thursday, May 30, 2013

** Email from 5/29/13 **

We had a baptism!

So our zone conference yesterday..they told us not to use names or really tell too many deets in our letters home, therefore, i am going to try to be more confidential..muaha!

So we had a baptism....idk if you heard, WE HAD A BAPTISM!! AHHHH. I couldnt stop smiling! It was BEAUTIFUL! All the talks too. The 4 of us Sorelle sang and we did a dang good job! Then sunday was by far my favorite sunday in the mish. We had 4 investigators in church! Our baptism, her momma, her sister and my first investigator ever, He finally came for the first time! and what a great time to go, when someone gets the gift of the Holy Ghost! yippie! 

It was def a day to write home to mom about, therefore I am haha. So I feel like I will be leaving Bergamo next transfer, I always thought it was cheesy when people said they could feel it, but now I do so I guess we will see! 2 more weeks, this transfer has flown by. 

So I have some photos from the baptism and then some from last pday when we went on a hike in the beautiful hills of Bergamo. The photos really dont do it justice, I feel like the quality of my camera bites haha. Anywho, I love this mission! Brescia and all of us Bergamo peeps were here with Anz and Slla Peterson (the older couple) for root beer floats, they got root beer from the military base. So it was a little party with 16 missionaries haha. Its cool hanging out with Matau tho! And I am always happy to have zone conference to see errybody. 

Oh I had a rad blitz with the traveling sisters, Slla Bush was with me for the day, she said some things that really helped me out. It was awesome. Side note, theres a kid in the mish from vegas! woot woot. 
Well, love you all. Advice for the week is to improve your prayers, they taught that in zone conference and it was dope. 
Slla Gillette... come il razoio.

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