Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kassi's email this week! 5/8/13

So its funny, the first 2 months I just wanted more email time, now, I am so tired of email haha. Dont get me wrong, I absolutely love hearing from all you, BUT. I only get like 7 hrs of free time in a whole week, that includes spessa (grocery shopping) and internet. Not to mention the traveling on the buses to all of these destination. So pretty much my whole pday goes to that haha.

I have heard some AMAZING NEWS from some dear friends. You know who you are, and I wish you could see my excitement over here in the chapel.

My new comp is Slla Hanson, she is tight! The biggest klutz you will ever meet haha. It makes me laugh. We work super well together and she already loves and cares about our investigators. Which is rad, if she didnt love my peeps, there would be a battle royale. scherzo. She is also from Fl. When she tells ppl she is from fl i actually get jealous cause i want to say that instead haha. so ill add my two cents and say well, i was BORN in florida, but i claim vegas.

Within my mission so far, I have had 2 drop lessons. Like us needing to drop them. I actually was the one to drop someone the other day, it wasnt bad at all, and it was easier cause it was in english. You really learn about how important the gospel is and how even if you try your best to bring the spirit, they will still reject the message. Its like that amazing missionary/atonement video, we are getting a very very small example of what it was like for Christ. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO. I need to look it up for yall.

On the flip side....duh duh duhhh. MIRACOLI. Again, too many to mention but the biggies. One of our investigators, Ylenia, who I toats love, who has had the baptism date for the 25th, has been still a little iffy. but last night after english class we went to Mcdonalds together cause we had a half hr wait for the tram, she straight up brought up the convo, asking how long the baptism is and little details, and then she told me the night before she prayed before bed and felt that it was giusto! I guess she thought about it during English class too and she said she wants to do it for sure! AHHHHHHHH. Im like trippin out in the middle of McieDees.

ANDDD. The awesome family that lives above us, the mom and 2 daughters are members. the oldest daughter is meno attivo tho. the dad, who isnt a member, is more active than half the ward. Its like the ward mystery as to why this guy isnt dunked yet! Allora, when Hanson came and I had to fill her in on EVERYONE, she was like well, lets have him be our baptism next week. haha im like, fool you are crazy. Yall remember my ward has been doing a 40 day fast for missionary work and we are supposed to end it with a baptism on the 11th? The anziani and i dont have one for that date, and vescovo was still telling the ward this sunday that its possible...No pressure!
So a few nights ago, we go up there and plan to have a mini spiritual thought with the fam and ask him whats up. Over an hr later, we find out he was the first one to feel the spirit and wanted the missionaries back, before the wife even did. But for some reason he never converted and he doesnt know why. I straight up was like, "you know this church is true, ya?" and he was like "yes." it was so rad! we got to here the conversion story of the fam. We had asked the meno attivo daughter to read a scripture then we asked her how she would feel if her dad got baptized, she got choked up!
It was just like the district when they tell you to be quiet so the spirit can work its magic! BAM!
So long story short-sorry i talk too much- but the mom, daughter and dad fasted yesterday for our 40 day fast and for him to get his answer. and he was going to pray last night again about it. FINGERS CROSSED PEOPLE.
OH ANDDD. Toats used my mom as an example of having a desire to be baptized after years and years of knowing about and being a part of the church. SO THANKS MOM FOR YOUR EXAMPLE. Its helping me on my mission!
The day before we actually fasted for their fast haha. FASTING POWER.
Well this letter is way too long. Mi dispiace. Ma, Vi voglio tanto bene. Grazie mille per le vostre pregheire.
The worth of souls is great in the sight of God.
A Dopo Ciao!

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