Monday, August 5, 2013

** Email from 7/31/13 **

Can I have your Hamburger chips?

That question is the latest quote from my companion. Yes they sell hamburger chips out here with a big american flag on em, you can taste the meat, cheese and pickles. italians are cray. 

So I spent some time writing people back today, so my letter will be short. Plus to save errybody the grief of reading an obnoxiously long letter. OUR NEW CONVERT GETS THE PRIESTHOOD SUNDAY. needless to say when I found out I danced a jig in the foyer. He was so excited too. "I will be a priest, I can baptize Destiny (their baby boy.)" That night we stopped by and brought him a tie, he was so giddy and smiley. Him and his wife starting speaking their African language and I cant even try to follow along haha. We are so happy for him. 

Dont remember if I mentioned but now we are apart of the Lecco district, strange changes in the mission. But we got to go thereon Monday for district meeting and my buddy Anz Murphy is in our district, along with Anz Guzzle who is from my MTC group! I cant get over how much I love all the people in this mission. Comunque Lecco is like the prettier version of Bergamo haha its only 45 mins away via train. and they have a gorgeous lake, we ate some nasty kebab on the dock of the lake. 

So our anziani found an ancient area book from like ten years ago in their apartment from the sorelle of ancient times. Since I opened, I have never been able to do area book finding. It was the most frustrating day of my life yesterday going thru that book. It took forever to organize and some missionaries didnt put addresses or phone numbers of people. Impossible. BUT we have a lesson tonight with the last person I called yesterday. after I made the apt I read their sheet and they had baptism dates before. So excited! only a couple other people actually answered their phones and we have an apt sat with one and in a few weeks we will hit up 2 more. 
EVERYONE goes on vacation during August. Kind of a pain.

I was thinking maybe the reason I stayed here is for this area book! 
also because ylenia prayed in our lesson that I wouldnt leave. haha Im going to ball like a baby when that day comes. 

LOVE YOU ALL. Miss your guts. Send packages...hint hint. haha.
Sorella Gillette

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