Thursday, August 15, 2013

EMAIL FROM 8/14/13**

TITLED - lumaca nel baccio  --- 
{I looked this up on Google and it said "SNAIL IN THE KISS"  ??}


I figured a random subject for each letter was a good way to spice it up. Can you believe I have been out for 6 months? Still mind blowing. Comunque, GRAZIE a tutti for the emails I have received, lots of friends wrote me and made me feel loved! Shoutouts and snaps. 
So august is super difficult haha. BUT some super rad miracles ieri. We were headed to an appt in Albino, had to go from Villa d'Alme to Albino, like an hour! bus to centro, tram to the end. I know none of you know what I am talking bout but anywhos, it was with this lady we met like 2 weeks ago and hadnt been able to meet up with. 
We get lost, life's hard without google maps. 
We see old investigator Bac riding his bike right next to us, bam make an appt for sat then he tells us where to go for our appt. THEN we get to our appt, find out her hubby is there and I was a little worried just because I pictured someone not super happy to hear from us, on the contrary! Cute little south american couple, the hubby comes out, we teach both of them, bam 2 new investigators! they both were pretty interested and attentive and so elect! trying to schedule a good time where we can come back. And she has a brother serving his mission right now in Lima. Ya i know right? 
Then leaving we ran into a less active on his bike and he chatted with us to the tram stop. 
Our other solid investigator seems to be having some difficulties, couldnt come to church last week, bout to pop out her 3rd baby. But she is the sweetest and called us today sorry that she didnt get to see us yesterday. 
So we are working with some pretty radly elect ppl right now. 
Friday we have to go to Milano bc Sorella Walch has been having severe hip problems for like a month. too bad I cant say hip in italian haha. 
Not much to say, too lazy to go through my planner to talk about everything haha, today was a lazy pday. literally baked and sewed like old hags haha. Idk if yall know this but i can cook now! all stove and oven baby. Im gonna whip up some bomb meals when I get home, stand back everyone, sorella gillette wont be eating tv dinners on the daily! sike probs will, way easier lol. 
Also they have made some mission rules stricter..yayyy. 

Wells I love you and miss you, Still got a year left to witness miracles. Side note, one of our new converts was totally killin it in gospel principles and explaining some topics to a less active. YEAH BUDDY.

Sorella Gillette

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