Wednesday, August 28, 2013

**EMAIL FROM 8/21/13***

super short piccolo email
Okay so, I suck at multitasking trying to talk  to everyone here and read all my emails. I have had a consistent flow of love over my mission thus far, grazie mille. 
Totally just saw a photo from my Mission grandma, Mission mama, Mission mama, Slla Lopez's mama, and Sorella Wolfgramm, all at the SLC temple! AHHH jealous! excited for those mission reunion days! 
Comunque. Had to go to Milano last week to take my comp to the doctor. Dont order hamburgers in Italy people, you will be sad. 
We have had some good lessons this week. 3 new investigators, a couple from South America, seems super promising, they are so elect! 
Some sad things happening to the people we love out here. Marriage problems up the wazoo. Not only does the mission make you want to get married, but you def learn how to treat people and the importance of an eternal companion.
Gosh who am I? haha. 
Well, I will be 22 the next time yall read my emails! Oldest missionary in Bergamo pretty sure haha. yeahhh budddy. 

Allora, love you all tons, keep writing. I love hearing your stories and hearing about your miracles. Yall can send me some doritos and mountain dew too. or a postcard. its always nice getting all these emails, but sometimes its nice to run to the mail bag, search through the mail, find your name, yell and scream, everyones jealous and jumps into the bag. i hope this is a good visual haha. 


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