Friday, January 3, 2014

** EMAIL FROM 12/26/13 **

Buon Natale!

Well I actually get to send home photos this week, yippee! I have taken a lot recently so I am stoked! 
So much has happened this week but now that I am here I can't remember. Got to skype the folks which was amazing! TEMPIO here we come! I don't even know who my parents are anymore. 
We at yesterday afternoon at the Epicoco's, then at night at the Dallon's. Good food! HashtagGetFatQuick. Then today we are going to another member's for lunch and then dinner. Today is Santo Stefano, quindi a holiday for a saint the day after Christmas. 
I got to watch Anastasia Christmas Eve on our ghetto small dvd player at the house, it went by too fast. Then we went to midnight mass! It was sickkk. There was a little organ player, felt like Phantom of the Opera, too bad I haven't seen that tho.
I am glad I stayed in Torino for the holidays. Love my companions. Had a great Christmas party on Saturday and there were so many less actives and investigators of ours that even tho we are in 3 and split up there wasn't enough of us to cover everyone! MIRACOLI. 
Hope you all had a splendiforous Natale and thanks so much for being so great. Eat an onion bagel for me. 

Vi voglio un sacco di bene. 
Slla Gillette

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