Thursday, January 9, 2014

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I'm dippin out!

Going to the beach!! San Remo! Everyone I tell says ohhh how beautiful! It's a small beach town near France, with a tiny branch. The coppia of sorelle only opened 2 transfers ago. I hear the biggest music festival in Italy is in San Remo in Feb! Wooh hoo! Also, my friend Anz. Betchi is going down there with me and will be my district leader! Also heard that my good buddy Anziano Murphy is the new Zone Leader there. I am only a zone away from Torino, so if they do a conference I will see some of my old people. Oh and I am in a trio again! Super weird, maybe I am the problem child and completely unaware haha. Bottle breaking a girl that just finished getting trained and another girl is coming from another city. Both of them will be the youngest girls I have ever served with, I don't even really know people in their groups because they are 3-5 transfers behind me. Sucks getting old! But I am excited. Def bitter sweet to leave Torino. Especially because we have had so many miracles here! We have 4 new investigators in like 4 days, all of which are member referrals. We had a crazyyyy miracle with an older lady in our ward teaching her neighbor, then Francesca's mom! Then the aunt and cousin of a family in the ward! Also, my dear Palomino family who are pretty much reactivated now, their little girl is going to get baptized in like 3 weeks!!! I set the date and won't even be here! Last night Sorella Palomino and her son came to FHE and she told me and Astel how much she loved us and just like how she told me last time that we were a big help in their fam coming back to church and she cried! Mannn. I am always worried about me loving people way more than they love me, but I really feel the love from our members and investigators. I cried walking out of FHE with our whole gang. It was so sad. Bergamo flashbacks. Side note I was able to talk to Ylenia for a minute on the phone! It was sooo great. Oh I forgot to mention Astel is getting transferred too! A Milano! So little Gross is holding down the fort here. 
I have so many photos this week it's impossible. So many goodbyes and from our zone meeting and pday last week! I will try to send some good ones. 
Well, love you guys! 
Time moves pretty fast, if you don't stop to smell the roses once in a while, you could miss it. (name the movie).
Slla Gillette

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