Wednesday, January 15, 2014

** Email from 1/15/14 **


GANG. I cannot describe how b-e-a-utiful San Remo is. We see the ocean from our balconies. I am sooo blessed. Warning this will be a long letter.
Many thought, wow Gillette's in another trio? What are the odds...I was even questioning if I was the problem child. Well I am here to say my new comps are flippin legit! Sorella Woods is from American Fork and is super hilarious! She is the best at forever finding, more on that later. Sorella Van Alfen is from VEGAS! Still trying to figure out if we have mutual friends but let's face it, I'm the granny.
THE BRANCH. is. Amazing. I have never seen members have a desire to do missionary work like this. Ever. I didn't think it was possible. I can't even list just all the miracles I have seen this week. We had a member last night invite us over as she had a non member there, then her husband came home for a split second and gave us a list for the next month of dates for FHE nights and the friends he is inviting to each night! WTH! 
Our branch president is soooo funny. Presidente Bignami. He laughs at his own jokes and turns purple. They all do so much for the missionaries here and love sorelle! luckily! Sorelle have only been here for 2 transfers.
And Anziano Betchi is in my branch. Dieci Bonus! Also found out that I have met his comp at Dixie before and didn't even realize it haha. Small world! Also same story with another girl in the district! 
Okay so, in the past 3 days we have gotten 5 new investigators! One is already progressing, we got 2 within 15 minutes of street contacting. Since Friday we have taught 19 lessons alone! and 4 member visits. I have never seen people so open! And errybody wants to feed us! 50 pounds here i come!
We prayed with a new convert about her aunt because she said she needed help, few days later we are walking and see her and her aunt, start talking to them, teach them, drop a book of mormon, set up a return appt the next day at an fhe with a great fam in the branch, the aunt cooks empanadas which were heavenly, told us she is in the 3rd chapter of the bom already! miracle!
We contact people everywhere we go and I am so happy to do it! As cheesy as this sounds, my level of hope and faith has already skyrocketed. I was never one to have a ton of lessons but I feel in Torino we had a lot of people coming to church and progressing which is what this city needs, so we are going to combine our forces and make this branch a ward! 
I am so glad I am here, I feel like a new missionary. And I am slightly freaking out that I am hitting my year mark and then life as I know it will be over. I actually can't talk about it or else I get all sappy sad. 
Love you guys! Read Alma 26 because it changed my life today. 
Writing you from the beatiful Italian\French coast,
Sorella Gillette

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