Friday, January 3, 2014

** EMAIL FROM 1/1/14 **

Managee. Buon Anno!

Eccomi qua. So many things so little time. Allora, Holidays were splendiforous. Super stoked I was able to rock it in Torino in a trio for the feste. Last night we had a small new years party. AKA Peruvian dancing fiesta. Some missionaries are like, 'idk if we can dance', and I'm like 'Salsa yeah!' So it was super fun. Picked up some sweet moves. Scherzo. Then the Italians and fireworks is like me late at night on an energy rush. I kept hearing booming and I was like that's it I gotta see it! So we went outside and there were big suckers RIGHT outside our house haha, a tree almost caught on fire. IT. WAS. EPIC.

Had some phenomenal lessons with 3 of our investigators who all prayed for baptism specifically. They are so close I can smell the chlorine! One of them, our little Ettore, has been feeling really lonely around the holidays. Super sad. At the end of the lesson I was asking him to pray in specific for the baptism date, because he was so wishy washy and has a hard time focusing so I was pretty adamant, as you can imagine. He lightly laughed and nodded and was like 'I need to write your prophet and tell him Sorella Gillette is the best missionary ever. I'm serious.' Haha it was really sweet, he prayed for it tho! 
I just love our people soooo much. I just want to stay and see everyone get baptized! Hermis knows I might leave and gave me a cool Peruvian keychain. Getting showed a lot of love lately from our peeps! 
The Palomino family has been pretty active the past couple weeks!!! Miracles! We were sitting in front of them on Sunday and the Dad passed us and his family the sacrament! Holy Horchata I got glossy eyed. 
Watched the Resto vid in Spanish twice in one day, lately I feel like I am serving in Peru, and I am okay with that! They have this egg\potato caserole thing that is just like egg or potato salad. With some veggies and tuna. MANGO it is so good. 
50 lbs here I come! Side note, idk if I mentioned that my companions bleached my hair and some chunks were pretty jacked, so I have been rockin beanies lately, well they fixed it up! Dude I am so blonde now haha. 
I LOVE THE MISSION!!!! Menomale. 

Sorella Gillette

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